These options will assist Google Chrome in using less battery and RAM on your Mac

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Memory Saver and Energy Saver modes now have user options.
While Safari is widely used by the Mac community, Google is making a stronger case for Chrome on the Mac with two new features that make it more efficient. Chrome has a reputation for being a memory and energy hog, and Google is introducing a memory and energy saver to help free up resources and keep your Mac running smoothly.
Energy Saver is a new mode that activates when the battery on a MacBook reaches 20% charge. When this occurs, Chrome restricts its background activity as well as the visual effects of animations and videos on a website. Memory Saver frees up memory used by inactive tabs, allowing “intensive applications, such as editing family videos or playing games,” to run smoothly. Chrome will automatically reload an inactive tab if you switch to it.
An icon indicator appears in the toolbar when Memory Saver or Energy Saver is enabled

An icon indicator appears in the toolbar when Memory Saver or Energy Saver is enabled

Google has been working for months to make Chrome as efficient and fast as Safari. Google Chrome had the highest Speedometer score ever on an Apple silicon Mac earlier this year, but it was quickly surpassed by Safari a few months later.
Energy Saver and Memory Saver are both toggleable in Chrome’s settings. Both new features are being gradually rolled out to users in version 108, so you may not see the update right away. To update Chrome, navigate to Chrome > Preferences > About Chrome; if an update is available, it will load and the browser will need to be restarted. The new features will be available globally in the coming weeks, according to Google, but you can force them in your browser right now by going to chrome:/flags/#high-efficiency-mode-available and Memory Saver at chrome:/flags/#battery-saver-mode-available and selecting Enabled and then Relaunch. Then navigate to Preferences>Performance to enable the.

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