Gmail will now have end-to-end encryption

Secure Gmail Setup
Secure Gmail Setup

The feature is currently in beta and is only available to Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and regular Education accounts.

Google has announced that end-to-end encryption will be added to its email service Gmail soon, providing users with an additional layer of data security.

Encrypted emails are currently in beta and limited to Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and normal Education accounts. Those interested in availing of the service will need to sign up for the Client Side Encryption (CSE) beta and fill out an application. The applications must be submitted by January 20, 2023.

CSE was already available for users on Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Meet, and Google Calendar, according to Bleeping Computer.

When you enable encryption, Gmail will begin encrypting data in your email body and attachments, including inline images. However, the email headers, timestamps, and recipient lists will not be encrypted.

You can also enable CSE for specific emails by clicking the lock icon next to the’recipients’ field.

The feature is not currently available to users with, “Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Education Fundamentals, Frontline, and Nonprofits, as well as legacy G Suite Basic and Business” accounts. It is also not yet available to users with personal Google accounts.

“Client-side encryption helps strengthen the confidentiality of your data while addressing a wide range of data sovereignty and compliance needs,” Google explained in a blog post announcing the beta.

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