Apple Introduces Self-Service Repair in Europe

apple repair
apple repair

Apple announced today that it has expanded its self-service repair program beyond the United States for the first time.

Customers in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom can now use the Apple Self Service Repair Store to purchase genuine Apple parts and consult repair manuals. Customers who want to do their own repairs for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lineups, as well as Mac notebooks with Apple silicon, will be able to do so, according to Apple.

Customers must first review the repair manual for their product and the specific repair on Apple’s support website before performing a repair. They will then be able to order the necessary parts and tools from the Self Service Repair Store and start the repair. According to Apple, all tools and parts sold in the store go through “extensive testing to ensure the highest quality, safety, and reliability.”

While customers must order the necessary repair parts, Apple will provide a $49 kit that includes all of the necessary tools for customers to conduct repairs. Customers will be able to rent the kit for one week before returning it to Apple, and it will be shipped free of charge. Customers who do not want to own and purchase tools for a single repair can benefit from this rental option.

According to the company, the program is part of Apple’s efforts to “further expand access to repairs.” Nonetheless, Apple advises the “vast majority” of customers to visit a professional repair provider, such as an Apple Store, to ensure their devices are repaired safely and reliably. Apple’s repair network has grown over the last three years to include over 3,000 Independent Repair Providers and over 5,000 authorized service providers worldwide.

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