ANDROID users have been warned of a violent attack that can lock them out of their phones and delete important photos.

locked out of android phone
locked out of android phone

According to experts, the latest disturbing trick cyber criminals use is aimed exclusively at consumers who own older smartphones.

These devices no longer receive critical security updates that ordinarily fix vulnerabilities and issues.

According to Check Point, the majority of victims owned Samsung phones, which are the largest Android smartphone manufacturer, followed by Xiaomi, Vivo, and Huawei.

“It leverages deceptive tactics to manipulate user trust and exploit their interactions”

Some victims of the hack receive an ominous ransom note from scammers instructing them to “message me on Telegram to solve this problem”.

Criminals get into people’s phones by tricking them into installing questionable apps that imitate well-known brands.

These include Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as shopping sites and antivirus programmes that are downloaded from the internet rather than Google Play, which is safer.

“Depending on the attacker’s modifications, the malware may request permissions for Notifications or Device Admin rights or stealthily seek minimal sensitive permissions (such as SMS, Call Logs, and Contacts) in its quest to remain undetected,” according to specialists.

“Regardless, the malware commences its operations in the background immediately upon activation.”

This enables them to perform a variety of ruthless jobs, including as scanning your texts and transmitting crucial information back to them.

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