Android 15 could soon give you these new features during setup

Android 15 Quick Share
Android 15 Quick Share

Google recently added a new flag to the Chrome OS core, enabling Quick Share by default on Chromebooks. Now, it appears that the company is planning to incorporate Quick Share into the Android setup wizard.

An APK teardown can help predict features that may appear on a service in the future based on work-in-progress code.” However, such projected features may not be included in a public release.

While studying the Google Setup Wizard, we discovered that Quick Share was included as one of the setup processes. This option allows the user to enable or disable the feature during the setup process.

It was unclear whether Quick Share would limit visibility to your own devices or contacts. However, as shown in the screenshot above, the full-screen Setup Wizard displays all three alternatives.

Adding Quick Share to the user onboarding process will significantly increase the feature’s visibility among users. Most people are unaware that Android already offers AirDrop-like capability, which works well for the use cases it covers.

Quick Share isn’t the only new feature being introduced to the setup process. The process will include satellite messaging, car crash detection, and Moment. However, these three capabilities will only be available if you set up a Pixel smartphone.

This update to Google Setup Wizard is not yet live. However, we expect these functionalities to be included in Android 15 when released to the stable branch.

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