Apple blocks Email App Update Due to ChatGPT Age Issues. It’s yet another roadblock for AI.

Apple & ChatGPT
Apple & ChatGPT

Apple AAPL +3.51% has postponed an update that would have added AI-powered language tools to an email app. It emphasizes a problem with allowing unpredictability in AI-generated content to be produced via apps that could be used by children.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple (ticker: AAPL) blocked an update to email app BlueMail due to concerns that a new AI feature could display inappropriate content, citing statements from BlueMail’s developer and messages from Apple.

BlueMail’s update included ChatGPT, a chatbot developed by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence startup. BlueMail may now be forced to raise its age limit to 17 and up, in line with other apps that use ChatGPT, such as Microsoft’s (MSFT) Bing search engine.

The potential of generative AI has fueled the rise of several stocks in the sector, with companies like AI +33.65% (AI) moving quickly to incorporate ChatGPT technology into their products.

However, the unpredictable outcomes of such interactions appear set to limit their use in areas that require factually correct answers, at least in the short term. Another limiting factor in the AI craze could be age restrictions.

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