Stop spam calls on iPhones and Android devices with these simple steps

Block Spam Call
Block Spam Call
Smartphones with their wide-ranging uses are considered the Swiss Army knives of the modern world. While most of us engage in hundreds of calls, there is no escape from the deluge of spam calls.
In case you are wondering if there is a way to stop spam calls, this feature will explain how you can automatically stop spam calls both on iOS and Android devices.
While this can be achieved using an app like Truecaller, several smartphones come with a built-in tool with an auto spam call block feature.

How to block spam calls on iPhone

block spam calls on iPhone

block spam calls on iPhone

To stop spam calls on your iPhone, you need to install a service like Truecaller. Once installed and configured, go to settings > phone > call blocking and identification > toggle all four options. Now, open the Truecaller app and enable spam detection. While this won’t automatically block spam calls, the Truecaller will compare the phone number with the database if it is a spam call.

How to block spam calls on Android

block spam calls on Android

block spam calls on Android

If you have an Android phone with Google dialer, then open the app > click on the three dots in the top right corner > settings > caller ID and spam > and enable filter spam calls, which will automatically block suspected calls on your Android smartphone.

If you have a Samsung smartphone, then open the Samsung dialer > settings > and enable block spam and spam calls. Samsung gives two options for the users, users can either block just the high-risk scam call or they can block all scam calls from the same menu.

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