5 Android apps not to miss this week


As a result of the API changes, third-party Reddit apps began to go down this week. That’s horrible news, but it’s hardly the end of the world. Some Reddit apps have shifted to a subscription model and aim to stick with it. Furthermore, due to their accessibility, some Reddit apps are not being shut down. This should be the end of the Reddit saga for the year, but that doesn’t make people happy.

This week, YouTube is testing a new Premium service. It’s a function that prevents your video from performing strangely because you accidentally touched the screen. It’s not too bothersome for most people, but it’s a good quality-of-life enhancement. Of course, YouTube will have to go above and above. We conducted a poll last week, and the results showed that many people are dissatisfied with YouTube Premium right now.

This week, Google revised its privacy policies. Google’s new privacy policy strongly implies that it will utilize its access to your data to train its AI models. While it’s great that Google is open about it, it’s also a little troubling that they’re doing it in the first place. You should read the article to learn more, but the new privacy policy’s language is a touch off-putting.

This week, Twitter did something unusual. It was the first social networking site to limit the number of postings a user could see. Being first at it is not a good thing. Later in the week, Twitter confirmed its decision, explaining that it was made to keep bots off the site and to help clean things up. We’ll let you decide whether or not you believe that, as many have claimed that it was a cost-cutting strategy.

This week, Instagram introduced Threads by Instagram. We’ll go over it in further detail in the new applications and games section below. However, one of the obvious drawbacks is that it will not be available in the EU due to regulatory issues. We’re confident they’ll fix it and find a workaround soon, but 100 other nations are getting a brand-new app this week, while Europeans may have to wait a little longer.

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