Cell phone safety: What you should not do with your smartphone

Phobe Safety Tips
Phobe Safety Tips
According to experts, never call unknown numbers or download apps from third-party websites.
Americans check their phones at least 96 times per day and spend approximately five hours and 24 minutes per day on their mobile devices.
There are some things you should never do with your mobile, whether it’s texting, Facetime, or social media.
To begin, never return a call from an unknown number. Scammers frequently use familiar area codes to gain your trust and access to your personal information.
Experts also advise against accessing banking information from your device because some banking apps lack adequate security features.
Apps should never be downloaded from third-party websites. It may provide you with free software, but it also exposes you to malware.
Additionally, avoid storing passwords and sensitive information on your device. Apps such as LastPass and 1password provide safe ways to store passwords.
If you need to charge your phone, avoid using a public charging station. Charging stations can easily be hacked to allow cyber criminals access to your phone.
It’s also critical to turn off your phone on a regular basis. It clears out all cache and temporary data on your phone, freeing up storage and giving you a longer battery life.
Another useful tip is to exercise caution when using battery-saving apps. When most apps are running in the background, they consume your battery life and are usually a waste of money.

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