Most and Least Reliable Phone Brands

Reliable smartphones
Reliable smartphones

If you’re looking for a trouble-free phone, here’s what to look for, according to the most recent results of Consumer Reports’ annual smartphone survey.

When purchasing a new cell phone, there are numerous factors to consider. Of course, there’s your budget to consider, as well as whether you want an iPhone or an Android phone. The phone’s size, camera configuration, and battery life should all be factors in your decision. What works for one person may not work for another.

But everyone wants a phone that will work flawlessly for as long as possible.

That’s where the information from CR’s annual smartphone survey on dependability and owner satisfaction can come in handy. Every year, we ask our members about their phone experiences—problems they’ve had, how long the battery lasts on a single charge, and so on.

From 2020 to 2022, CR members shared data on over 180,000 smartphones purchased new since 2016 and kept for less than five years. CR analysed this data using a statistical model to estimate how likely products from a particular smartphone brand are to experience problems by the end of the second year of ownership to derive the predicted brand reliability marks in our smartphone ratings.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of who makes the most and least reliable phones, as well as information on owner satisfaction, calculated by the percentage of members who are extremely likely to recommend their smartphone to friends and family.

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