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Google Photos is one of our favorite gallery apps for Android since it combines various essential features into a simple UI that is consistent with the visual design of all other Google apps. photographs also allow users to back up their photographs to Google Drive online storage, ensuring that the device storage is not always full. The business is now rolling out Stacks, a feature that allows you to group related photographs on Android devices.

If you take a lot of similar-looking images in a short period, the grid view in your device gallery will quickly get congested. It happens all the time, such as when photographing pets or taking many group photographs to ensure no one is caught off guard. The Pixel Camera app, which is exclusive to Google’s Pixel series of handsets, has a function called Top Shot, which automatically takes a burst of photographs and highlights only the finest, blink-free one in your gallery. However, it is exclusive to the Pixel and not available on other devices.

Stacks is similar to Top Shot in that it displays visually comparable images or photos taken in quick succession as a single thumbnail in Google Photos’ grid view. However, it was released for iOS in November 2023, following the initial glimpse in October while it was still under wraps. The wait for Android users is over, as the functionality appears to be spreading out extensively on handsets with Google Photos installed (via 9to5Google).

To check if you have the functionality or enable it manually, tap your Google profile image in the top right corner of the Photos app, then choose Photos settings → Preferences → Stack similar photos. Turn on the option for Stack related photographs. Alternatively, once the functionality is enabled on your device, Google Photos should show a full-screen prompt similar to the one below.

When active, photo stacks appear as a single thumbnail in the grid view, but like burst photographs, an icon in the upper right corner of the thumbnail indicates that it is a photo stack. When you open a stack, all of the photographs displayed in a filmstrip, similar to the one you would see for images captured in a burst. The strip also features a 2×2 button on the left that displays all of the images in a grid format. You can also choose your top pick from the list, delete everything except the photographs you want, or delete only the images you want.

According to Google’s support documentation for the functionality, you may share all of the photographs in a stack by long-pressing it in the grid view, selecting Share, and then Including Photo stacks. If you just choose Selected things from the same menu, Photos will only show the top choice.

If you find the option too onerous to use, you can disable it in the settings or just long-press a Photo stack and select Unstack photos. However, Google’s gradual deployment may take several days before you can begin using Photo stacking.

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