WhatsApp resolves a push notification bug for desktop users.

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WhatsApp is currently rolling out a bug fix update for desktop users. This is to address issues with push notifications in WhatsApp Desktop clients. They have complained about a push notification issue when using the stable version of WhatsApp Desktop. With an update, the instant messaging app has now fixed that bug.

“A lot of users were having trouble with WhatsApp Desktop: they couldn’t receive push notifications from the desktop client.” In fact, a quick search on Twitter confirms that several people were unable to receive push notifications and were looking for information and a solution “on his page mentions WABetaInfo

“WhatsApp has officially pushed a fix in the WhatsApp Desktop beta 2.2219.2 update some time ago, so beta testers may have already received notifications since this issue was finally resolved.” Still, it appears that the same fix will be included in the stable update with build number 2.2218.8. If you are having the same problem, please open WhatsApp Desktop and update to the most recent version available “He stated.

“If push notifications continue to not appear when using the latest update for any other reason, you may also consider switching to the beta version, where people are no longer experiencing the issue,” he added. Nobody has complained about critical bugs in the beta version since its release, so it is completely safe to install.”

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is adding detailed reaction information for automatic albums. This has been distributed to beta testers. Android beta testers are getting it now, while iOS testers already had it.

“With the previous version, it was impossible to tell which photo or video had been reacted to without opening the automatic album.” “With the new beta version, detailed reaction info is finally available, and beta users can already see a media thumbnail right within the reaction info screen, indicating which media in the album has a reaction,” WABetaInfo said.

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