Google has announced an upgrade for Android Auto that includes new apps and casting functionality.

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Google has just announced an update to Android for Cars that will make it slightly more difficult to focus on the road. The automobile-based operating system will receive new apps, screencasting, and other features, as announced at Google I/O 2024.

First up, select automobile models will receive a range of new entertainment apps, including Max and Peacock. The apps will be available for car models with Google built-in that allow video, such as Polestar, Volvo, and Renault. More entertainment alternatives are never a bad idea.

To that purpose, Angry Birds will be available in automobiles equipped with Google, for those looking for another game to play. The once-iconic bird-flinging simulator is undoubtedly the most well-known gaming IP on Android Auto, which also includes games like Pin the UFO and Zoo Boom. Angry Birds and other entertainment alternatives are only available while parked.

Google Cast will be added to cars running the Android Automotive OS shortly, allowing users to stream content from their phones and tablets. Rivian models will be the first to have this capability, with additional manufacturers to follow.

Google is also putting out new developer tools to help people create new apps and experiences for Android Auto. There’s also a new programme that promises to make it much easier to transform existing mobile apps into car-ready experiences.

Android Automotive OS is quickly becoming the de facto standard for car-based operating systems. Google also used the event to announce that there are now over 200 million cars on the road that support Android Auto. Recent platform enhancements enable users to rapidly check EV battery levels and make Zoom calls while on the road.

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