Microsoft Windows makes Tabbed File Explorer

Microsoft Tabbed File Explorer
Microsoft Tabbed File Explorer

Additional Windows 11 22H2 preview features are available

Microsoft is delivering on more promised Windows 11 22H2 features, such as the ability to right-click on the Taskbar to access Task Manager, which will be available this week.

When Microsoft released Windows 11 22H2 in September, officials announced that the annual feature update would be released in two parts.

The first set of features became available to mainstream users in September, but the second set would not be available until October or November.

Windows 11 22H2 preview features

Windows 11 22H2 preview features

This second set of Windows 11 22H2 features became available on October 18 via Microsoft’s regularly scheduled non-security, optional preview (aka “Week C”) releases.

Officials reiterated that these missing Windows 11 22H2 features would be available to all users on November 8 as part of Patch Tuesday.

This second batch of features includes:

  • Tabbed File Explorer
  • Suggested Actions (click to dial or schedule an appointment)
  • Taskbar Overflow Menu
  • Right-click on Taskbar to jump to Task Manager
  • Share to more devices
  • Access to more Android apps in more countries via the Microsoft-Amazon Appstore partnership

The redesigned Photos app for Windows 11 will be available later, along with the recently announced iCloud photo library integration. According to officials, the Photos app will be available at the end of October, and iCloud integration will be available in November.

Officials stated that Windows 11 users should expect new features to be released outside of the annual feature update in the second half of the year. Microsoft intends to handle these feature updates in the same manner as it did with the additional Windows 11 22H2 features. It will first preview them as part of the monthly non-security optional updates for Windows 11, and then gradually roll them out to everyone in “a later monthly security update” (Patch Tuesday).

After November, these additional new features will be turned off by default for Windows 11 Enterprise and Education customers. Microsoft will allow enterprise customers to enable them as a group (rather than individually) via a single Group Policy/MDM. (The set of features that will be released this week and on November 8 will NOT be turned off by default.) When the next annual feature update is delivered, the new features delivered outside of the annual feature update will be enabled by default.

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