Images of Unreleased ‘Apple Magic Charger’ Online

Magic apple charger
Magic apple charger

Images of an unreleased Apple MagSafe charging accessory known as the “Apple Magic Charger” have appeared online in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, rare Apple product collector and Twitter user “TheBlueMister” shared images of the unreleased accessory. Since then, other Asian collectors appear to have obtained Design Validation Test (DVT) versions of the device and are sharing images of it online.

TheBlueMister has begun disassembling the accessory in order to restore it to working order, and has documented some of the process on Twitter. When connected to a Mac, the unreleased accessory is identified as the “Apple Magic Charger.”

Apple charger

Apple charger

A rubberized white MagSafe charger is housed inside an anodized aluminium rounded square that can be pushed out into a vertical position. It appears to be finished in Space Gray and comes with a white rubberized base to keep it in place on a surface, as well as a built-in braided USB-C charging cable. It also appears to be a knockoff of the iPhone Lightning Dock. Today, the Twitter user “DuanRui” shared more images of the unreleased Apple Magic Charger.

The accessory’s design is similar to the hinged Apple Watch charger on the MagSafe Duo and the now-discontinued Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock, and it is the first time a MagSafe charger has been seen on an official Apple accessory in a hinged implementation.

The iPhone’s design appears to be somewhat limited because it cannot be pushed upright in portrait orientation on the charger, making it only useful for viewing content in landscape mode. Of course, the MagSafe puck could still charge an iPhone when it was flat, as well as AirPods with a MagSafe Charging Case.

According to TheBlueMister, an early version of the Apple Magic Charger’s design was limited to keeping an iPhone in an upright, horizontal position only, and these limitations were apparently among the primary reasons that Apple discontinued the product.

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