Android phones will soon be able to be tracked even when they are turned off.

Find My device
Find My device

Google is reportedly working on a new Find My Device feature that will allow you to track down your lost Pixel phone even if it is turned off. According to Kuba Wojciechowski, the feature could be called the “Pixel Power-off Finder.” Essentially, the feature works by keeping your device’s Bluetooth enabled at all times. Even if your phone is turned off. This is similar to how iPhones operate.

Android smartphones will soon be able to be tracked even when turned off.

The Early Access Program source code for Android 14 includes a new Hardware Abstraction Layer. It’s called off finder, and it’s what’s causing the magic to happen. However, some hardware support may be required for the feature. It’s unclear whether existing Android devices on the market will be able to support the feature. However, we expect future devices, at the very least Pixels, to include hardware capable of handling it.

For over a year, Google has been working on the next generation of Find My Device. The service could build an Android device tracking network similar to Apple’s. This network would allow you to pinpoint the location of a lost phone by utilizing more than 3 billion Android devices worldwide.

Google teased the network’s arrival in December, and in January, it began rolling out a “Store recent location” toggle for Find My Device. This toggle allows you to choose whether or not to share your location with Google. When your phone’s battery fell below a certain level, the feature would prompt it to share its location. It allows you to get a head start if your phone dies before you realize it’s gone.

Google has not stated when or if this new tracking feature will be available. However, more information may be revealed at the upcoming Google I/O event.

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