Android 15 will allow users to ‘cooldown’ notifications—here’s what you should know.

Android 15 Notification Cooldown
Android 15 Notification Cooldown

According to sources, the Android 15 upgrade includes an unexpected new feature named “Notification Cooldown.” This function will gradually reduce the volume of succeeding alerts over time.

The Notification cooldown option is located at the bottom of the notification settings section, and it allows you to apply a cooldown to all alerts, a specific topic, or none at all. It’s a simple feature to add, but it may be quite popular among individuals who are swamped with alerts yet can’t risk turning their phone to mute.

However, it is important to remember that this will not totally silence the sound of new notifications or prevent them from appearing on the screen. Instead, the functionality works by reducing the volume of each succeeding notice. The notion is that by changing the loudness, users will become more aware of where specific notifications are coming from and will be able to consciously ignore lengthy chats.

There is also an unknown cooldown timer, which will reset after a while. Once this reset is completed, all alerts will be received at full volume, regardless of whether they are from the same app or conversation. There does not appear to be an option for users to alter this timer at this time, but it may be added in the next full update.

Android 15’s other features

Thanks to well-known tipster Mishaal Rahman, we have a good idea of some of the other additions to the Android 15 Developer Preview. These include a new “keyboard vibration” toggle and haptic feedback when you alter the brightness using the Quick Settings slider, which is enabled by default.

Many of these features have existed in some form in previous releases, but the most significant change appears to be that many of them are now activated by default. More features will most likely be announced during Google I/O in May.

A feature like Notification Cooldown appears to be a little addition, but it is the type of item that will quickly become a staple in OS updates. It gives consumers greater control over how their phone influences their lives, which can only be a good thing; yet, it still requires a few modifications to be flawless. When Android 15 is published, which could be later this year, we should see and try them ourselves.

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