11 iPhone tricks added in iOS 17

iMessage now includes a new menu for sending photographs quickly. To avoid having to tap many times before selecting an image from your library, simply press and hold the “+” button.

Rearrange the iMessage menu icons:

Tap and hold the iMessage menu icons to rearrange them with the apps you use most frequently during the day.

Face ID on private browser tabs:

Beginning with iOS 17, you may use Face ID to unlock Safari’s Private browsing mode. Toggle on Require Face ID to Unlock Browsing in Settings > Safari.

Delete 2FA codes automatically from Messages and Mail:

You may now quickly autofill 2FA codes from your Mail app. You may also go to Settings > Passwords > Password Options to have these messages cleaned up automatically after you use them.

With iOS 17, hold two iPhones near together to instantly start a SharePlay session.

Widgets that are interactive:

Apple has modernized widgets by making them interactive. One of the finest iOS 17 features is the ability to interact with a widget from your Home Screen, Lock Screen, or Standby. You can finish a task, listen to or pause a song or podcast, and even access your Home controls.

Enhanced electric car routing:

iOS 17 introduces two fantastic new capabilities to Apple Maps. When you drive an electric vehicle, it displays real-time charging station availability and allows you to select a preferred charging network.


Grocery Lists automatically categorize products to make shopping easier.

AirTags on Find My:

AirTag or Find My network accessories can be shared with up to five other users. When everyone in the group is nearby, they can use Precision Finding and play a sound to pinpoint the location of a shared AirTag.


When a user initiates a Check-In on Messages, a friend or family member will receive an automatic notification when the user arrives. If they are not making progress toward their goal, useful information such as the device’s position, battery level, and cell service status will be momentarily shared with the specified contact. Any information exchanged is encrypted from beginning to end.

AirDrop with Cellular Data:

As teased during the WWDC 2023 keynote, you may continue transmitting and receiving content on iOS 17 while Wi-Fi is unavailable. This implies that if you start sending images to a friend after a party, but your Uber arrives, you can continue sending via LTE.

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